Uitwaaien: March blog circle

The word we picked to illustrate for March is Uitwaaien – it’s Dutch so it seemed fitting as we have Anna from the Netherlands in our group. What a wonderful word it is – there’s not an equivalent in English, or any other language I can think of. It means “to take a break to clear one’s head”; or literally, “to walk in the wind”. I’ve realised that while rainy, windy weather can send lots of people heading for indoor shelter, it’s the sort of weather that I love to be out in – or perhaps that’s just my Scottish/Cumbrian roots! There is something that feels very cleansing about the wilder weather elements, for sure.

At the beginning of the month I had a weekend break with some more friends, all wedding photographers in our off-season and in need of recuperation! We stayed in Symondsbury, Dorset and visited West Bay – if you watch Broadchurch, you’ll recognise the cliffs. It’s not often that I use my Lensbaby lens – with the Edge 80 attachment, it’s a kind of poor man’s tilt-shift but I wanted to give it another whirl without the pressure of needing to deliver a certain image. I’ve also included a few pictures from a return visit to the lovely Ramster Hall wedding venue – during the Spring they open their amazing woodland gardens to the public, and I wanted to see it all in a different season (my last visit was in the autumn). I picked a properly stormy, rainy day (Me to my daughter: “I think I might go for a walk in the rain today” / Her: “You lucky thing, I love the rain.” Yep, we’re unusual!). By the time I’d finished some work and got out, after lunch, the skies were clearing but there were still some beautiful droplets to enjoy – plus it felt like I had the place to myself! A true clearing of my head and a walk that was silent except for the birds – perfect uitwaaien.

grounds of symondsbury manor dorsetfallen camellia in jug windowsill fine art floral photographview of symondsbury dorsetyellow mahonia detail macro photography dorsetcamellia and twisted willow in grounds of symondsbury manor dorset wedding venue barnwaves of english channel taken on lensbaby edge 80 abstract photography west bay cliffs featured in broadchurch dorset coastlinelensbaby portrait headshot monochrome beachheadshot windswept on beach taken on lensbabycliffs of west bay dorset featured in broadchurch taken on lensbaby tilt shift


And to prove I was there, here I am walking on the windy beach, taken by the lovely Helen Lisk!

ramster hall gardens chiddingfold wedding venue spring detailsmacro photography details of raindrop reflecting gardens at ramster hallmacro photography raindrops on rhododendron stem at ramster hall gardens chiddingfold wedding venuemacro photography guildford surrey photographer wedding venue ramster hall gardens



Do follow the blog circle round starting with Anna in the Netherlands here, to see her interpretation of uitwaaien.


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