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This is a bit of an info post, especially for those who are looking around for a Surrey wedding photographer or family photographer. I need to tell you that you’re not obliged to have your photographs shared online. Sure, as a visual industry, it’s incredibly helpful if I am able to show favourite recent images from a variety of jobs. Online platforms – in particular, this blog and Instagram (a personal favourite & the one obviously visual-based social media site) – are my way of having a ‘shop window’ for people to see if my style of photography is for them. While my site and Instagram feeds don’t have a huge audience, it’s also a bit indulgent, just because I love to show off a few of the images I’m especially pleased to have captured!

engaged couple at river thames sunset

On the other hand, over the last decade, I’ve noticed a definite increase in general awareness of what is shared online. Understandably, knowing that our identifiable images are out there for people to view or search, has made us more wary of what is made available to the public on the world wide web. Helpful new legislation from the European Parliament is about to make things much clearer – it’s called the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and comes into effect at the end of May 2018. It means that when you use a contact form and get in touch leaving personal details, the business needs to offer assurances about how that data is stored, used and erased when no longer needed. It is also compulsory for businesses like mine, which collect and store client data, to pay a subscription to the official register of the Information Commissioner’s Office. You can request to see my registration certificate or otherwise find my policy detailed on this page: Privacy Policy.

As a photography business, it means that you need to know that there are assurances in place determining that your data is securely stored, and can be erased on request; and that you have the ultimate say in having your images shown – or not. The final clause of my privacy policy lays out a variety of options that I hope will be helpful. From my point of view, I’d usually love to showcase one preview image online soon after I’ve uploaded your images ready for editing. Then, once you’ve received your set of pictures, there may be a blog post showing a fuller selection from your session. But that’s not the final story – you may be involved in (for example) the police force, in legal representation, or teaching; or your work situation/family circumstances mean it’s wise not to be searchable online. You can ask that your photos remain private; or in other circumstances, you might want to request that only photographs showing wedding day details/decorations (without people) are the ones that I share – they’re photos that I will have taken during the course of the day anyway. Other options include only showing people where they’re unidentifiable (from behind or from a distance: i.e. no facial recognition details); you might ask me to blog without using any names or locations at all, or only using initials of names. Or you might want to request that I limit the number that I choose to show online. Whatever your needs, you must know that you have the ultimate say (and this should go for any photography business). You’ll see from my site that I LOVE showing happy faces and genuine emotion, and many people are drawn to this aspect of my photography – but also know that there are alternative approaches to how and if these images are shared.

So as I’m a visual business, let’s have a look at what that means in real terms – here’s a variety of possible scenarios to show you what I mean. As always, I value your feedback and comments – do let me know what you think and if this information is helpful!

married couple at littlefield manor guildford

back of wedding dress on bride ready to travel to ceremony

autumn leaves in a child's hands guildford

bride and groom tying a nautical knot symbolic ss great britain wedding photography

emma bridgewater mr and mrs cups bride and groom just married in islington

bridal headpiece hairband and groom checking notes for speeches london documentary wedding photographerproposal photography couple getting engaged with diamond ring oxfordshire photographer

wedding table detail of place setting with lavender and pheasant feathersdetail of flower girl unidentifiable putting on shoes for wedding ceremony matara gloucestershire

detail of bridal shoes jimmy choo wedding day photography old down manor bristol

bridal bouquet with roses lavender pheasant feathers

night time photograph of weddings in the wood minstead wedding photographer new forest

slow shutter reception room photograph at ironmongers hall wedding photographer london

bridal bouquet cream roses and lacrosse in window light

detail of perspex laser cut cake topper wedding day bride and groom bristol wedding photography

detail of cake topper quirky bride and groom with dog at river cottage axminster wedding photographer

bride and bridesmaids in silhouette preparing for wedding ceremony sussex

ring exchange between bride and groom in ceremony olde bell hurley detail of bridal hair and headpiece london wedding photographerdetail of baby feet family photography and flower girl bow being tied

bridal party entering church for ceremony west sussex wedding photographer

engaged couple seated on step next to colourful graffiti wall in shoreditch london engagement photography






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