Surrey family photography in Spring

I’m so happy that we’re into full-swing-Spring now. When you deal in light for a living (photography = lit. “writing with light”) the dull, shorter days of winter can seem to drag on. I’ve already spotted bluebells starting to appear amongst the fading daffodils at Petworth House in Sussex this week. Bluebell season is such a short but sweet one – no more than a fortnight, really, if you’re lucky. The last week of April is usually a safe bet for a bluebell walk, but it always pays to keep an eye on the warmth and the weather – and of course, which area of the country you’re in. Here’s some Surrey family photography from this time last year, when I met up with this lovely family once again, and their little one who’s no longer a baby but a characterful & entertaining boy!

surrey family photography bluebells

child portrait sitting on tree stump in bluebell woodlandrelaxed family photography guildford mother and father with independent toddler learning to walkbaby learns to walk in bluebell woodland spring near guildford


Of course, there are signs of new life wherever you look…

geese and goslings in surrey woodland spring family photographysurrey family photography spring portraits with blossom and bluebellssurrey family photographer mother and child in spring with blossom


I have available dates for Surrey family photography in the coming weeks – get in touch as soon as you can, if it’s been on your must-do list for a while!


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