Hannah & Gary’s Wandsworth wedding

This was such a lovely wedding day in Wandsworth with close-knit family and a small group of friends. Hannah’s family – with so many of them travelling with small children – had the great idea of renting a house for the weekend so that they could all make the most of their time together. I wonder if you recognise it? When I went for my look around to check routes beforehand, I thought it looked exactly like the house in Outnumbered…

I do enjoy photographing the buzz of wedding preparations and, with Hannah and Gary getting ready just round the corner from each other, it was ideal for getting the sort of pictures that allow them to see what each other was up to beforehand! There’s a quiet anticipation before a wedding ceremony that I’m not sure I could explain in words, but is perfect for documentary photography where the aim is to bring back how it all felt at the time. Gary was down the road with his family and meeting up with his ushers at The Brewers Inn, right opposite Wandsworth Town Hall where the ceremony was to take place. The rain started while we were in the Brewers and didn’t stop until it was dark, but it didn’t matter in the scheme of things – this was a day full of love and fun and being together.

The meal and dancing took place at Le Gothique, a wonderful little French restaurant housed in the Royal Victoria Patriotic Building: in its time it’s been an orphanage, hospital and school (coincidentally where my husband went to school!). It makes it a brilliantly quirky venue for a small wedding with a hidden courtyard garden where everyone can eat al fresco (but under cover to keep everyone dry!!). Hannah’s dress is FCNK, and their funky wedding cake was made by Hannah herself. They first-danced to the Rolling Stones and partied to vinyl. What a delight to spend the day with these people; and thank you H&G for sending such kind words after receiving your package – I can’t tell you how much it made my day to know that you love your pictures!

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  • Karen Cinnamon - TOTALLY gorgeous. You really captured the intimacy and loving spirit of this wedding. I particularly love the getting ready pictures….

    Have you ever shot on stylish creative Jewish weddings? I would love to feature your work on my Jewish wedding blog, Smashing The Glass, if so… Do let me know!ReplyCancel

  • Nathalie - Buttercup Bus - Wow – gorgeous pictures as always from you Julie!
    I love those flowers – and great set up with the mirror whilst the Bride is having her hair done.
    Love a beetle convertible too (but then I am rather biased!)ReplyCancel

  • Jo // Joasis Photo - Fabulous set of photos! So many happy faces – beautiful wedding and you photographed it fantastically.ReplyCancel

  • Yolande DV - Fabulous capture Julie, such a lovely wedding!ReplyCancel

  • Soven Amatya - Wow! You’ve captured the day perfectly !!! The couple were so lucky to have you as their photographer ! Amazeballs!ReplyCancel

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