Florist of the Year entrants and RHS Chelsea 2016

Long time no blogging! I’m still here and have had a lovely flurry of family photo sessions in the Spring, followed by a launch into full-swing wedding season that has taken me to Somerset, Hertfordshire and Hampshire as well as the local Surrey area so far. I’ve been sprucing up my garden recently – even while it’s been so wet, it makes for good planting weather! – so I thought I’d share a selection of garden photography taken during an inspiring visit to this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.

I was invited as a guest of one of the exhibitors, Rebecca Tiller, who was competing in the Florist of the Year finals for a second year. The competition entrants are required to work to a given brief, which was (in this Olympic year) to create a headdress on the theme of the Rio Carnival. Rebecca asked me along so that I could record some images of her headdress in all its imaginative, organic, whimsical finer detail. I’m delighted to say that she was awarded a Bronze medal, and in awe of the skill that had gone into dreaming up and creating the finished design.

There was also plenty of time to wander around the show gardens and I found a very definite trend this year of bronze/peach planting mixed with deep, rich purples. I was completely obsessed with the Winton Mathematics garden – its copper seating with mathematical equations, and Fibonacci-themed planting. We were lucky to have visited on what I think was the best weather day of the week; there was a strong theme of lines and feathery plant shadows we might otherwise have missed out on. It amused me that the Garden for Yorkshire, with its nod to York Minster’s stained glass, had bell pulls and little wooden gargoyles as its boundary ropes.

There was so much to delight the viewer – Jekka’s herb garden for St John’s Hospice was a soothing oasis, and the Pullman train stationed in the grand marquee that took you on an inter-continental, opulent journey, were particular highlights for me. I’ll leave you to have a virtual wander through a few photographs and see what inspires you, green-fingered or not!


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