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Our blog circle word-of-the-month for April was mellifluous (adj. A sound that is sweet and smooth, pleasing to hear). As somebody with sensitive hearing I find it difficult to shut out background noise, so when I’m working at my desk I’m often grateful for the noise-cancelling headphones I bought this year! Music is very important in…

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  • Linda - I love how you have approached mellifluous through your senses. The double exposures are brilliant! And how special is Gandalf-sighting! Your son must have been so excited!ReplyCancel

  • Ana - Julie Anne, your posts never disappoint. Isn’t it great how our one Word gets us thinking the whole month. I kept saying to myself: that’s mellifluous!
    One day I will pull out all my records and reminisce.
    And how ace that you got to meet Gandalf!ReplyCancel

  • Anna - That’s a brilliant idea: double exposure! Sometimes I wish we would still play records instead of a cd. And you even met Gandalf! Julie Anne, it’s indeed what Ana writes: your posts never disappoint. XReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Spencer - Gandalf! If our blog circle was a Top Trumps game you certainly would have won with that photo! Beautiful photos as ever, I particularly like the double exposures as they work so well here. I just knew you’d focus on music and your interpretation is brilliant. xReplyCancel

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