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The 2015 wedding photography season is drawing to a close for me this weekend, which gives a little bit of breathing space to look back on the brilliant celebrations I’ve been capturing for people this summer.  When I first met Lizzie & Michael, I remember them saying that they’d debated whether to have a Doctor…

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  • Aga Tomaszek - Excellent set Julie! Looks like a wonderful atmosphere wedding and the location is spectacular!ReplyCancel

  • Hannah - Awesome work Julie!! fab location for a wedding too! xReplyCancel

  • Jennie shine - Julie you are amazing!! Well never really knew what you were up to – so discreet! But what fantastic photos and this blog and album are truly special. Thanks you so much a day never to forget but how could we with these reminders?!
    A very proud mother of the bride xxReplyCancel

    • JulieAnne - Jennie, this is such a lovely comment, you’ve completely made my day! Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Lizzie Sanders - We just got back from our honeymoon to this lovely blog, thank you! We still haven’t sent anything by post but there is something still on its way! We just wanted to say that choosing you as our photographer was absolutely the best decision we could have made, you were wonderful to have with us on the day, and Michael was so comfortable and relaxed around you which is no mean feat and meant you’ve got some truly spectacular photos of us and our guests and the setting. It’s a record we will treasure forever! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you xxxxReplyCancel

    • JulieAnne - Ah, you lovely people! I wish we could go back in time and have that day again, it was a beaut!ReplyCancel

…I’m the same, and I think I’ve worked it out. So often, we don’t enjoy looking at photos of ourselves because we’re used to getting ready in front of a mirror. Here’s the science bit: Our faces aren’t symmetrical and when we see them flipped as a mirror-image in a photograph, it takes us by…

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  • Angela - Yes! My heart sinks a little when I see women try to control their faces & bodies & put themselves in a flattering pose. No! Smile broadly, laugh loudly, and appreciate any photograph that shows joy, and relationship, and love.

    We all do it – society has told us that our looks are where we should find our value for hundreds of years, but we don’t have to agree. Even if we don’t feel it, we can choose joy…

    Great post Julie xReplyCancel

  • Mia - I couldn’t agree with this more Julie (I need to remember this for myself!) Beautifully written xReplyCancel

  • Helen Lisk - Really great post – I agree with everything you are saying, so brilliantly put. Let’s all learn to love ourselves the way we really are and celebrate this! XReplyCancel

  • Hannah - So true Julie!! I love this post. Even my husband criticized a photo I took of him just yesterday on my phone. I thought he looked amazing and quite fancied him so quickly snapped it whilst he was unaware… his first response was “that’s a really bad angle for my nose” instantly looked at his fault. “But that’s your nose I said… and I think you look pretty fit so I love it” That’s how I see him and I love him like that.ReplyCancel

  • Sharron - This is so very honest and true, Julie. Beautifully written. All brides should read this. SxReplyCancel

  • Karen Flower - Great post Julie. If only people could see themselves through the eyes of people who love them. xReplyCancel

  • Kerry - Beautifully put Julie, beautifully put. And so true xReplyCancel

  • Nicki - So true and so well written…ReplyCancel

  • Jules - Beautifully written and so true. I just wish we could all stop beating ourselves up about the way we look and rejoice in our individual souls.ReplyCancel

  • Rob - Well said – hear, hear!ReplyCancel

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