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    1. Collection of information on seeds.
    2. 關鍵資源
      2010-06-01 Seeds naturally have a place in almost any endeavor having to do with agricultural development. Seeds of most food plants are small and, as such, are more easily transported and can be shipped longer distances than vegetative cuttings. For the farmer, seeds represent the promise of a continued...
    3. 關鍵資源
      2011-01-01 Often farmers asked for seed, but we weren’t quite sure what to expect when we suggested—to the farmers’ union in Nampula, Mozambique—that they organize a fair in which the members could come together and exchange seed. They might only be interested in “improved” varieties. However, when we...
    4. 關鍵資源 2000-01-21 ECHO is frequently asked, by groups or individuals from North America, to suggest vegetable seeds to take with them on short trips overseas. Often the group is a “work team” that is being sent by a church. Someone with the group they are going to visit has asked them to bring vegetable seeds. Or...
    5. 關鍵資源 This article is from ECHO Asia Note # 31. 簡介和背景 保存自己的種子是一種成本效益高的方法,以此可以獲得作物種子供未來種植,并有助于維持地球上的植物生物多樣性。 無論您是種植自己保存的種子,將它們送給朋友和鄰居,還是通過您的組織分發,有效收獲、清潔、準備、干燥和儲存種子的能力對于幫助維持種子的萌發和存活力都很重要。本文將重點介紹將種子干燥到適當含水量的重要性,并將提供我們在”亞洲回音”影響中心種子庫建造和使用的兩種低成本種子干燥機的詳情。
    6. 1952-01-01 Agricultural Handbook no. 30 440 pages, illustrated, photos
    7. 122 pages
    8. 2000-01-01 This book gives the protocol for variety trials at ECHO.
    9. This Yearbook of Agriculture seeks to provide a new and improved basis for understanding the complex order of Nature's forces so that man can better shape them in a positive and creative fashion. Compiled in this book is our vast knowledge of seeds for greater application in the United States.
    10. 1999-01-01 This book reports on a study visit that exposed seed experts and smallholder seed producers from east and southern Africa to an advanced seed production system, such as that in Zimbabwe, which would equip them with the experience and knowledge necessary to formulate strategies likely to have a...