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  • Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM) Publications

    1. How do organic farmers benefit from biodiversity? Biodiversity fights pests, improves soil, and increases food security. Kilomohai Training Materialshttp://www.kilimohai.org/kilimohai/training-materials

    2. A sack garden is a small vegetable mound made from a nylon or similar sack.
    3. Poster - Benefits of agroforestry systems. Increase the productivity of your farmland by introducting trees. Kilomohai Training Materialshttp://www.kilimohai.org/kilimohai/training-materials

    4. Farmers consider crop-reduction organisms to be pests and diseases. Insects, birds or other animals are considered pests whenever they cause damage to crops or to stored harvests. Fungi, bacteria and viruses are identified as diseases, when they invade or alter vital plant growth activities or...

    5. Swahili download only Kilomohai Training Materialshttp://www.kilimohai.org/kilimohai/training-materials
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    Haitian Network Documents

    1. A “how to” guide to successfully install a natural, sustainable latrine using vetiver grass The use of vetiver grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides) replaces the need for a concrete block lined pit, creates privacy and actively helps decompose the waste. Jiji grass (Achnatherum splendens) can be used...

    General Technical Documents

    1. In every region of the world it is necessary to find or develop appropriate techniques for agriculture. A large part of the surface of the world is arid, characterized as too dry for conventional rain fed agriculture. Yet, millions of people live in such regions, and if current trends in...

    ECHO Technical Notes

    1. So you want to help people in the tropics. Beautiful! The tropics are waiting for you. No matter what your abilities, you can make life better for others in the tropics. Your concern for the physical and spiritual well-being of people can be translated into fruitful service. Your first asset is...

    2. 2010-01-01 For many years, conventional Western forestry methods have been applied, and exotic tree species promoted in Sahelian countries in order to combat desertification. Large and small projects were commissioned to curtail the assumed southward movement of the Sahara desert, but few made any lasting...

    3. 1998-01-01 The first section of this note focuses in on a new technology, called the ‘technology protection system’ by its developers and ‘terminator technology’ by its opponents. This technology illustrates the potential for patents to impact society at the fundamental level of food production. The...

    4. 1983-01-01 Amaranth [Amaranthus hypochondriacus, A. cruentus (grain type) & A. tricolor (vegetable type)] is an herbaceous annual with upright growth habit, cultivated for both its seeds which are used as a grain and its leaves which are used as a vegetable or green. Both leaves and seeds contain...

    ECHO East Africa News

    1. In This Issue Seed Bank Update Students Visit ECHO EA Local CA Training Events Staff Transitions Resources for Organic Certif. The Debate over GMOs New Online Resources

    2. In this issue: 1. Nutrition in dryland areas symposium 2.Nanenane Agricultural show 3. Appropriate technology 4. ECHO EA seed bank updates 5..Parthenium 6. Upcoming events 7. News in brief

    3. In this issue: Nanenane Agricultural show Appropriate technology ECHO EA seedbank updates Highlights Innovation News in brief ECHO RIC?s Best Practices

    4. 2019-04-20 In this Issue : 5th Symposium on Sustainable Agriculture and Appropriate Technologies Environmental Conservation Empowering Small-scale Farmers with Seeds History of Maresha Plow

    5. 2018-04-20 In this issue: 1. Pastoralist symposium 2. Appropriate technology 3. ECHO EA seed bank updates 4.Parthenium 5. Upcoming events 6. News in brief
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    ECHO East Africa Notes

    1. A Combination of Approaches to Conserve Soil and Water Tephrosia: A Multipurpose Tree for GM/CC, Soil Conservation and IPM

    2. 2013-07-01 Conservation Agriculture in East Africa: An Update What’s happening on ECHOcommunity.org? Telfairia pedata: Oyster Nut, Kweme or Zanzibar Oil Vine

    Conservation Agriculture Core Training Guides

    1. 2020-04-20 Guide Book alsoavailable in Amharic /Chichewa /Kinyarwanda; Posters also available in Amharic / Kiembu / Kikuyu / Kikamba / Kinyarwanda / Chichewa /Alur; Farmers' Booklet also available in Kinyarwanda The source documents (.docx and .pub)of these materials are available in the author's dropbox....

    2. 2020-04-20 Guide Book alsoavailable in Amharic /Chichewa /Kinyarwanda; Posters also available in Amharic / Kiembu / Kikuyu / Kikamba / Kinyarwanda / Chichewa /Alur; Farmers' Booklet also available in Kinyarwanda The source documents (.docx and .pub)of these materials are available in the author's dropbox....

    SWISSAID Publications

    1. 2019-11-20 Swahili Only

    2. 2019-11-20 Swahili Only It is organic farming, agriculture associated with a better environment, natural resource management system (example: forests) which, through a mixture of trees in the fields or on agricultural land, expands the scope and increases productivity and thus increases the economy in...

    3. 2019-11-20 Swahili Only

    4. 2019-11-20 Swahili Only Seeds are one of the main inputs for food production. Farmers around the world have been aware of this for centuries. Millions of families and agricultural communities have worked to select seeds and store them for use in the next agricultural season. This is what has allowed...

    5. 2019-11-20 Swahili Only Peanuts are one of the most nutritious crops. In Tanzania this crop thrives most in the South East, Dodoma and Morogoro regions. In addition to providing fats, their products are used in a variety of other ways, including: Animal / animal feed (Sorghum and grass), soil fertilization...
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    Food Plant Solutions - Publications

    1. 2018-11-20 This book is designed as a simple introduction to the more common food plants of Tanzania. It is hoped people will take greater pride and interest in these plants and become confident and informed about how to grow and use them. Many of the local food plants that occur in every country are very...

    ECHO Best Practice Notes

    1. 2014-02-26 Pastoralism is a livelihood whereby people depend upon herding domesticated livestock. In East Africa, pastoralists depend primarily upon cattle, sheep, donkeys, goats and camels— listed in order of least resilience as one moves into drier and more arid lowland areas. Pastoralists play an...

    Heifer International - Selected Publications

    1. 2010-01-20 Swahili only Mwongozo wa ufugaji bora wa mbuzi wa maziwa

    2. 2010-01-20 Swahili Only Ufugaji bora wa ng'ombe wa maziwa-2

    3. 2010-01-20 Pig farming in Tanzania has primarily been for a long time of backyard and informal sector producers. However in order to secure both food and nutritional security to rural Tanzania households, there is a need of embracing integrated approaches in livestock farming. Pig farming in Tanzania is...

    4. 2008-07-20 Swahili Only Kitabu cha kuku wa asili

    5. 2005-01-20 Swahili only Ufugaji_bora_wa_mbuzi_wa_maz
    3 更多 Heifer International - Selected Publications

    1. Farmers in southern Niger have reclaimed 5 million hectares of land and increased food production by more than 500,000 tons per year by managing naturally-occurring trees and shrubs with Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR). The FMNR movement began in the early 1980s, and in recent years...

    2. Balancing the needs of livestock and the need to keep soils covered is an on-going challenge with conservation agriculture throughout the world. When crop residues, grass, and mulch materials are in short supply, animal health and soil health both suffer. Competition for these materials can lead...

    3. "Daraja" is a Swahiliword meaning "Bridge". Daraja Kenya for Community Development is an NGO registered in Norway whose officials are both Kenyans and Norwegians. The organization engages a holistic approach for community development. It is working together with CommunityBased Organizations...
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    1. This video was provided by Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM) to tell the story of seed independence. Swahili with English Subtitles

    2. Small holder farmers and practitioners from Tanzania share agroecology best practices to control pests and diseases. English Subtitles

    3. Small holder farmers and practitioners from Tanzania share best practices on agro-forestry. English Subtitles
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